10 Tips to Help Clear Up Your Skin

10 Tips to Help Clear Your Skin up

1. Change your Pillow Cases – Your pillows not only pick up a lot of debris and dirt from the air, but also oils from your skin. Exposing yourself to these substances when you sleep can result in bacteria buildup or acne breakouts.

2. Wipe Your Phone – Use antibacterial wipes with alcohol to keep your phone clean. Wherever you may set your phone on: the kitchen counter, your desk, or even inside your purse or pocket, it’s accumulating potential irritating substances like dirt or bacteria. When you make phone calls and press it against your cheek, you’re transferring those irritants to your facial skin.

3. Get Rid of Old Makeup – Don’t keep your makeup items past their expiration date. You wouldn’t eat food that’s gone past their expiry, so why would you apply expired products on your face?

4. Try using Retinoids – Retinoids are vitamin A derivatives that help unclog pores and help renew your skin cells a lot faster, resulting in younger looking skin.

5. Wash Your Hair THEN Wash Your Face – Some conditioners feature potentially pore-clogging ingredients. Exposing your skin to them can end up in acne breakouts.

6. Wash Your Face Regularly – Don’t let the grime buildup on your face linger any longer. Instead of washing your face just in the morning and then before you go to bed, do it as soon as you get home from your day.

7. Use a Cleanser to Wash Your Face – Cleansers are better for your facial skin than the usual bath soaps. They are designed to be gentle on your face, with skin sensitivity and gentleness in mind.

8. Use a Toner after Cleansing – Use a toner to ensure optimum results with your cleanser. A toner’s job is to restore the pH balance of your skin, stopping bacteria, grime and dirt from getting into the pores.

9. Visit Your Dermatologist – A skin care professional’s job is to help you achieve clear, healthy and younger-looking skin. Seek their expertise to help you with your skin goals.

10. Use Sunscreen – Exposing your skin to the sun without any protection is a very bad idea. Your skin can develop blemishes, dark spots, sunburn and even cancers. Remember to slather on some sunscreen every day and to reapply every couple of hours.