2022 Skincare Checklist

January is a good time to put together a list of goals you would like to achieve this year. This can also apply for the skincare goals you would like to check off your list. Here are four that you can think about:

  • Get Your Skin Checked More Regularly – You can do this at home and it can also be done by your dermatologist. At home, all you need is a mirror to check out any changes in moles, lesions and other areas of your skin that might look cancerous or precancerous. Your dermatologist also performs more thorough and professional skin examinations to fully determine if a mole does look abnormal or not.
  • Start Looking Into Skin Rejuvenation Treatments – While you’re at your dermatologist, you should ask them what kind of skin rejuvenating treatments they can recommend for you. Most of them are non-invasive, meaning that downtime is minimal, and results can be seen almost immediately. Some examples include chemical peels, microdermabrasions, laser treatments, and even microneedling.
  • Improve Your Diet and Hydration for Skin Health – The nutrition you put in your body is directly reflected in how your skin looks. Certain skin conditions can be exacerbated by allergy triggers in foods, like how dairy can cause acne breakouts, or that some foods can cause flare-ups for people’s eczema. Eating healthy foods like lean meats, leafy greens, whole grains will drastically improve your skin’s health, and don’t forget to hydrate well enough, as your body’s water level also affects your skin’s hydration to an extent.
  • Simplify Your Skincare Routine – It’s time to cut out the unnecessary steps in your skincare routine. Cleanse, moisturize and sunscreen in the morning, then work on your skin issues at night with serums and creams. In reality, a good skincare routine can be boring, but boring is good, and it means it’s efficient. In recent years, a lot of skincare brands have been releasing so many products that claim to do so many things, but it’s important to stick to the core of what you want to achieve with your skincare routine.