At What Age Should You Start Using Ant-Aging Products?

How young is too young when it comes to anti-aging? When should you start thinking about preserving your youthful look? These questions are getting asked more and more as the concept of anti-aging becomes more mainstream in today’s society. Keeping your skin looking young and beautiful should always be in your mind when it comes to skin care. Here are three popular anti-aging products and preferred ages for when they should be used:
1. Sunscreens – This may be one of the most important anti-aging products ever. The sun’s harmful rays can make your skin look prematurely older. It’s never too early to be applying sunscreen, except before the age of 2. It’s also better if you try and avoid the sun if you can, and if you do have to be outside, wear protective clothing and seek shade as much as possible. Ever notice how those people always exposed to the sun have a leathery texture to their skin? That’s one of the effects of sun exposure – older-looking skin.
2. Antioxidant Serums – Antioxidant serums penetrate cell walls to protect them from UV damage and to help even out your skin’s pigmentation. They flush away harsh substances called free radicals. These molecules speed up the aging process of your skin cells and damages their DNA. They are the main culprits behind fine lines, wrinkles, skin discoloration and even sagging. It’s recommended that you should start applying antioxidant serums rich in Vitamin C any time after age 20.
3. Retinol Creams – At age 25, you should start looking for a retinol cream that’s designed for your skin type. Retinols stimulate the production of new cells in addition to lessening the appearance of dark spots from hyperpigmentation, sun damage and scars from acne. Retinol creams are made with Vitamin A and can either be purchased over-the-counter with low dosage, or if your dermatologist deems it necessary for you to get something stronger, then he or she will prescribe something stronger like a retinoid.
It’s never too early to be thinking about preserving your youth. If you use these products in tandem with regular visits to your dermatologist, you should be able to do so.