Back to School Skincare – Seeking Help From The Experts

The school year is upon us. To make sure their skin is also ready for the challenges of the school year, you might want to seek the help of professional skincare experts. Below are four common skin issues your child may be facing that a dermatologist can help with:
1. Acne – One of the most common problems for teens is dealing with acne breakouts. The best advice for your child’s acne is to do something about it. A visit to a dermatologist is what’s recommended. A professional diagnosis can determine everything you need to know about what to do about it. Your dermatologist will examine the factors contributing to the breakouts and can tailor a custom treatment just for your child’s skin type and acne type.
2. Blemishes and Scars – Visible blemishes and scars can affect your child’s confidence. During their teenage years, appearances can be everything. Fortunately, permanent dark spots and scars are a thing of the past because of today’s medical advancements. Chemical peels, laser treatments and microdermabrasion can help reduce and fade away the appearance of blemishes and scars. A dermatologist can decide which one is best for your child.
3. Sunburn – It’s been an exceptionally hot summer. Those trips to the beach to cool off might have resulted in your teens getting sunburned. A sunburn is damage to the skin caused by prolonged exposure to the sun. Normally, sunburn can be treated at home using aloe vera, anti-inflammatory medicine, cold baths and keeping away from the sun for a couple of days. However, in worse cases of sunburn where there is blistering around the affected area or if it is accompanied by pain and fever, you should take your child to a medical professional ASAP.
4. Dandruff – Seborrheic dermatitis, fungal infections, eczema or psoriasis can actually manifest themselves with symptoms similar to dandruff. If your child uses a dandruff shampoo but continue to show symptoms, then maybe it’s time to consult a dermatologist. A dermatologist can also help you with just plain old dandruff symptoms using stronger types of shampoos.