Bad Skincare Advice

There’s a lot of really bad advice people give about skincare. From using some obscure home remedies that don’t actually work, to overly tanning to apparently get vitamin D. Before following someone’s skincare advice, it’s a good idea to check with your dermatologist first whether it’s actually good advice, or bad advice. Here are four statements that are considered to be bad advice:

My wrinkles can be cured by doing facial exercises – These might actually do the opposite. Putting more stress and stretch on your facial wrinkles can aggravate their appearance and will make them worse. How you ask? The persistent movement of your facial muscles can stretch your skin a lot more, causing deeper wrinkles and wider lines.

Diet doesn’t affect my acne breakouts – It absolutely does. Having a diet that’s high in sugar or dairy can affect the rate of acne breakouts on your skin. When you go to a dermatologist to get your acne treated, sometimes you will be asked about your diet, whether you eat a lot of sweets or fatty foods. Adjustments should be made to your diet if you are having acne breakouts.

High SPF sunscreen covers me up for a longer amount of time – While it is partially true that higher SPF sunscreens can protect you a lot better than low SPF sunscreens, protection most of the time depends on how much you apply, and how often you re-apply. You may be applying SPF 50 sunscreen but if you don’t use the right amount (which is the volume of a shot glass), and re-apply every couple of hours, then the 80 rating does nothing.

I am an adult so I can no longer get acne – Adult Acne is a real condition and it affects millions of people. Things like stress, pregnancy, and malnutrition can affect your skin. This may be in the form of acne breakouts due to your hormones reacting to the condition your body is in. The idea that acne is exclusive to teenagers and those under the age of 25 is a complete myth.