Busting Chemical Peel Myths

Like with any other popular facial treatment, chemical peels do have some myths that need debunking. We believe that well-informed patients will be able to make better decisions for the treatments they undergo with us. Here are three chemical peel myths that are outright wrong:
The Recovery Times Can Be Long – Aside from some redness, mild sensitivity and pain, there should not be any other side effects after your chemical peel. These side effects and symptoms are often minor and resolve themselves after 48 hours. Depending on the type of peel you may have gotten, you may want to hold off on doing any strenuous activities until you feel better. Milder peels like glycolic acid peels have virtually no downtime.
They Take Too Long To Get Done – In today’s modern world, almost everyone has a hectic schedule. Setting aside some time for a doctor’s appointment can be a hard task with everything else that’s going on in our lives. However, did you know that most chemical peels take less than 30 minutes to complete? You can schedule a lunchtime appointment, walk in and get it done, and walk out of your dermatologist’s office just like that. Some deeper peels however can take more time to complete and may have an equally lengthy recovery time.
Just For Medical Issues – People used to believe that chemical peels are just for those who have deep acne scars, sun spots, blemishes and hyperpigmentation. That is no longer the case today as more and more people get chemical peels just to have better-looking skin, a more radiant complexion and to remove small imperfections. There are some deep peels designed to combat dermatological issues but simpler and lighter peels are done for aesthetic reasons, like improving the overall appearance of your skin.
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