Common Moisturizing Mistakes

Common Moisturizing Mistakes

Turns out that applying a moisturizing cream onto your skin isn’t as simple as just rubbing it onto your body and face. Here are some common moisturizing mistakes people make, and how to correct them:

1. Putting on too much – Too much moisturizer, especially on your face, ends up clogging pores and leaves a greasy feeling. The recommended amount for your face is nickel-sized, while just a quarter-sized amount should be applied to your upper torso (neck, shoulders and exposed chest).

2. Not applying it soon enough – You should be applying your moisturizer as soon as you step out of the shower or after you cleanse your skin. Dehydration starts as soon as you leave your skin bare for some time, resulting in a tight and dry feeling. The best time to apply your moisturizer is when your skin is just slightly moist.

3. Not allowing it to sink in – Before you apply any other creams onto your skin, or before you apply your makeup, make sure that your skin properly absorbs the moisturizer first.

4. Not using one with the correct SPF – Choose a moisturizer with high enough SPF to not only protect your skin from drying up but also from the sun’s harmful rays.

6. Not using the right one for your skin type – Make sure you know your skin type before you buy a moisturizer. Applying the wrong moisturizer to your delicate facial skin might result in acne breakouts or irritation. Visit your dermatologist to find out your skin type, and ask for recommendations for moisturizers that will help improve your skin