Controllable Acne Causes

There are many known causes of acne. Hormonal changes and imbalances, stress, and certain medications can make people breakout in pimples. These things can be difficult to control as hormones do fluctuate, and stress can sometimes be unavoidable (but can be managed), and some medications are necessary. However, there are acne causes that you can personally control to minimize your breakouts. Here are three:

  • Hygiene – When you don’t shower after a workout, you’re risking the dried up sweat that has trapped bacteria and dirt to potentially clog your pores. Sweat itself is a way for the body to remove the buildup of toxins, so not cleaning after a sweaty exercise session could cause acne breakouts. The mixture of sweat and the oils produced naturally by your skin called sebum can easily block your skin’s hair follicles and result in pimple production. Try to take a shower as soon as you finish working out, or if you cannot, then you can use gentle wet wipes to clean your body until you are able to take a shower.
  • Cosmetics – Comedogenic cosmetic products can block your pores and cause infections to happen. Comedones are the medical names for whiteheads and blackheads. These are the bumps that plug your pores and can result in pimples and acne – so comedogenic practically means that they do cause acne. Cosmetics like foundations and others that have leave-in substances, especially those that are richer in consistency tend to be more comedogenic. Read your product labels before buying them, and because product labels are not always clear, you might want to consult your skincare professional before trying them out.
  • Diet – Sugary foods have been known to cause acne breakouts. Sugar and other foods high on the glycemic index can cause your blood sugar and your insulin levels to spike, which then causes you to break out in acne. How are they related? Well when your insulin and blood sugar levels are high, your body becomes more prone to inflammation. Inflammation breaks down collagen and elastin, which are the building blocks of your skin, making acne breakouts a lot easier to happen due to the weakened structures of your skin.