Do You Need a Skincare Routine Under Quarantine?

The short answer is yes, you still need a skincare routine even under quarantine. The long answer is yes, but you should shift your focus more towards repairing the damage your skin has sustained while being outside. Here are three things utilize to renew your skin while you’re inside:

  • Retinoids – Now is a good time to be using retinoids, or vitamin A. The benefits of using retinoids include boosting your skin’s collagen production, fade pigmentation, and also diminish the appearance of fine lines. The reason you should be using retinoids at this time is because while using this product, your skin becomes very photosensitive. This means that it’s very sensitive to the sun’s rays. Some side effects are flaking and irritation. 
  • Chemical Exfoliators – Using glycolic and lactic acids during this time is also a good suggestion. What they do is they peel off the dull, old outer layers of your skin to reveal the newer, more supple layers underneath. Just like with retinoids, your skin becomes more sensitive to the sun as a result, so now that you’re mostly indoors, it’s the perfect time to use them.
  • SPF and Moisturizing – Being inside with the air conditioning on all the time can dry out the skin all throughout your body. What you can do to combat this is to moisturize a lot more. Dryness is not just from the ventilated air, but also from the constant handwashing that you should have been doing. There are plenty of light moisturizers you can apply that also double up as an SPF, that way you can tackle two birds with one stone – protecting your skin from the sun’s rays (yes the sun’s rays can still penetrate your house through the windows) and keeping your skin moisturized while you stay inside.