Hair and Scalp Health

We sometimes forget that the scalp is part of our skin. Many of us tend to ignore besides the usual washing and shampooing. Your hair and scalp’s health is affected by many factors, like how you treat it and your diet. Here are some tips on how to improve hair and scalp health:

1. Brushing your hair on a daily basis – This removes dead skin cells that potentially leave your follicles clogged. Clogged hair follicles prevent natural oils from moisturizing your hair strands.

2. Use a conditioner – Conditioner on your scalp actually helps moisturize it after a being exposed to the elements.

3. Exfoliate your scalp – Your skin in general benefits from exfoliation and your scalp is no exception. Exfoliating scalp masks cleanse the scalp and help remove dead skin build up and any scaling.

4. Apply natural oils to your scalp – Oils like coconut oil or almond oil keep your scalp moist and help prevent dandruff. A recommended routine for applying oils would be 2 to 3 nights a week. These natural oils also help promote healthy hair growth

5. Visit your dermatologist – When you experience itching or flaking on your scalp, or if you experience any type of hair loss, don’t ignore or dismiss it. Give your dermatologist a call so it can be treated.