How Skincare Routines Change with Motherhood

Motherhood presents a different set of skincare priorities and needs. Not only does motherhood change a woman’s body physically, but also chemically. Stretchmarks and hyperpigmentation are a common occurrence, as well as hormonal imbalances. These are all quite common, but to accommodate these changes, mothers would need to change their skincare routine. Here are three things mothers can do to change their skincare routine upon entering motherhood:

  • Going simple – When entering motherhood, dedicating more time to your baby becomes more of a priority than for yourself. Therefore, going with a simpler routine will allow you to spend more time with other things. Reduce your steps to just the essentials like applying SPF, cleansing, serums and moisturizing. Simplifying your skincare is better in general but becomes a lot more important during motherhood.
  • Watching Your Ingredients – Baby skin is extremely sensitive. You want to watch the stronger and concentrated ingredients found in your skin care products, as they might adversely affect your baby. Serums contain substances that can cause redness, and your exfoliators can cause peeling. Because you’re always with your child, you want to try to limit your usage of these products while your baby is still very young.
  • Look Out For Hormonal Acne Breakouts – Because your hormonal levels may change during motherhood, some of the side effects might include acne breakouts. These are mostly caused by the surge of androgens and progesterone during pregnancy. This type of acne can be characterized by small bumps inside the skin. It can begin during your pregnancy months and can continue on after giving birth.