How to Deal with Chest Acne

While back acne is a bit more prevalent than chest acne, it can still be annoying to have breakouts on that area of the body. The causes of acne breakouts on the chest are varied, from your workout habits, to hormones, and even tight-fitting clothing.

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to get a breakout of bumps on your chest. If you’re not using the right moisturizer and it clogs up the pores on your chest, or if you’re wearing clothes with fabrics that irritate your skin, next thing you know you have pimples popping up.

So how do you treat your sensitive chest area to avoid getting pesky pimples? First is that you should always wear fresh clothes for your workout, and to shower as soon as possible after you finish. The keyword for working out and skincare is cleanliness. When you’re working out, your sweat gets all over the place and can be a conduit for dirt and bacteria. If you don’t have time to shower, you can use glycolic wipes to clean  your chest area as a temporary alternative until you do get to shower.

Another thing you should do if you do notice pimples on your acne is to use salicylic acid treatments and retinols. These treatments that are regularly used on the face can also be used on your chest if they are mild enough. Our chest skin, as thick as it looks can also be very sensitive. Products that have antibiotic and anti-inflammatory effects can work with treating your chest area for acne.

Lastly, you should stick to non-comedogenic body products. This applies for bodywashes, soaps, and moisturizers or anything that is applied on your chest area. Products with fragrances can potentially clog your pores and can lead to acne breakouts.

If you have severe acne on your chest, it may be caused by a deeper issue. Cystic acne is a little more difficult to treat with simple lifestyle changes, as they do sometimes require a dermatologist’s intervention. For this type of acne, topical treatments would not work and would need prescription oral antibiotics to start with clearing it up.