How to Keep Your Skin Moisturized in the Winter

Winters here in Florida may not be as harsh and as cold as the in other parts of the country, but we still do need to adjust our skincare routine to accommodate the change in the weather. During this time of the year, the humidity in our environment becomes much lower, and there is a drier feeling when you are outdoors. When the temperature drops, we turn on our heaters to keep us warm. Here’s how you can keep your skin nice and supple during these cold and dry months:

  • Cut back on showering multiple times – Over-showering can actually do more harm than good to your skin, especially in the dry winter months. Cleansing too much does strip away the natural oils your skin has along with its moisture. Dry skin can exacerbate conditions like rosacea and eczema, leading to breakouts of inflammation. If you can, just rinse your face with plain water in the morning and save your shower and use of cleansers at night. Gentle cleansers with hydrating elements are much preferred in the winter as well.
  • Switch to a thicker moisturizer – Using an oil-based, emollient-rich moisturizer will have more longer-lasting effects on your skin in the winter than a water-based or a lighter moisturizer. Another thing you should be doing is to moisturize multiple times during the day. The best time to moisturize is within two to three minutes after your skin comes in contact with water, like right after you shower. Damp skin is best for moisturizing, as the moisturizing cream seals in the hydration and your skin’s natural oils before they evaporate.
  • Exfoliation becomes more important than ever – Exfoliation is a key step in keeping your skin healthy in the winter months. The dry or cracked outermost layers of your skin should be scrubbed or peeled away to prevent a dull and aged look. On top of that, a buildup of dead skin cells can prevent your moisturizing agents to penetrate into your skin, leaving them ineffective. You should exfoliate at least once a week, while the ideal amount is one to two times. You can choose either a chemical exfoliator to peel away your skin’s top most layers, or you can use a physical exfoliant like a scrubber.