How to Manage Face Mask Tan lines

Strange looking tan lines have always been annoying to manage and watch out for. As more and more people go outside wearing masks, and masks themselves becoming mandatory in a lot of places, there has been a rise in facial tanlines.

To prevent face mask tan lines, your best defense is practicing good SPF habits. This means that you are not skimping out on sunscreen application on your face. A fast absorbing, oil-free sunscreen is your best bet. You want your sunscreen to have these two qualities to prevent “maskne”, another issue on the rise from wearing face masks. You can also try using sporty sunscreens used by athletes as they are less likely to dissipate quicker and are more water and sweat-resistant than the regular sunscreens.

Don’t forget to re-apply every couple of hours too, as the sunscreen does evaporate, and can be easily rubbed off by the mask that shifts and slides around your face. The effectiveness of sunscreen is only optimal until up to  two hours upon application, so after that you would have to reapply.

To fix mask tan lines, you want to focus on extra exfoliation on the areas that have been tanned. You can also even out your skin tone by combining tinted sunscreens or bronzing makeup. These can be combined with your serum or moisturizer and can be easily applied on the affected areas of your face.