Is Microneedling Worth It?

Microneedling is an anti-aging treatment that’s taken the world of skincare by storm. You may have read about how your favorite celebrities or a lot of famous beauty vloggers have this treatment done, and have read their experience doing it. What exactly is microneedling, what is the process like, what results does it yield, and is it worth it?

The Process:

A microneedling tool, like the Rejuvapen, is used to make small microscopic holes into your skin. Substances like PRP or platelet-rich plasma (more information can be found here), stem cell growth factors. Your skin will be numbed prior to the treatment.  Overall, the treatment is quick and painless, so you can be in and out in just an hour. As far as aftercare is concerned, due to the redness and tenderness your skin will experience, you will be feeling the sensation of getting a sunburn for the first day or two. Make sure you continue moisturizing to prevent the treated area from drying out. Apply sunscreen as usual to protect it from the sun, and avoid wearing makeup while your skin recovers. There will be some peeling and a light stinging sensation, and any health risks are minimal as long as you go to a licensed and experienced professional.

The Results:

You get plumper and firmer skin. The micro-cuts the needles make kick-starts your skin’s recovery system into gear, allowing for a boosted production of collagen. On top of that, because your skin’s recovery system is getting worked, your tone will become more even and also brighter, eliminating dark spots and uneven textures. The last major effect that microneedling will do to your skin is make the products you use a lot more effective. Why? well it all goes back to those micro-cuts, as now these products can penetrate your skin a bit deeper and become more effective.

Serums with growth factors and peptides are the best products to use alongside microneedling, as the deeper they are absorbed inside your skin, the better your results will be. These substances will lift the dark spots, stimulate the production of hyaluronic acid to stimulate moisture retention, and also help your skin’s healing factors eliminate inflammation.

Is it Worth It?

Definitely. During your initial consultation f or microneedling, your dermatologist will evaluate what kind of treatment you will need, how many you need, and also other related treatments they might recommend to maximize your results. Most patients who get this treatment done get amazing results.