Preparing for Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal has quickly become one of the most popular aesthetic treatments available today. Not only is it a more permanent solution to removing unwanted body hair, but it is also quick, painless and easy to do. The results are almost always amazing, and long-lasting.

After you decide to get laser hair removal, you should prepare yourself for it. Properly preparing for this procedure is key to getting good results. Here are four things you should do before your laser hair removal treatment:

  • Avoid sun exposure as much as you can – This should go back to a month before your first treatment. This should also extend to AFTER your initial treatment. The treated areas will be very sensitive so you want to avoid getting them damaged by the sun’s harsh UV rays.
  • Do not wax the areas to be treated – Shaving the areas to be treated is okay, but you should avoid getting them waxed. Shaving irritates your skin less (if any), compared to waxing which can produce a lot of redness over the entire area.
  • Get your workout in before your treatment – You won’t be allowed to work out for 24 hours after your laser hair removal treatment. Your perspiration and friction from working out can cause redness on the laser-treated areas, so if you like to stay active then you should get your workout in before you go for your treatment and take a rest day afterwards.
  • Discontinue retinoids, glycolic peels and scrubs – By discontinue, we mean just for two days before. You can see the pattern here is to avoid irritating your skin before and after your treatment.
  • Make sure you do talk to your dermatologist about the rest of the prep you should be doing before your treatment. They will be able to give you more tips and other things to avoid or do prior to your laser hair removal procedure.