Product Review – Epionce Lytic Gel Cleanser

The Lytic gel cleanser from Epionce removes even the most stubborn dirt, oil and makeup without causing irritation or over-drying of the skin on your face, leaving the natural barrier of your skin is left intact. This product was crowned as the New Beauty’s Beauty Choice Award for  “Best Gel Cleanser” for the fifth year running because of how effective yet gentle it is. 

The lytic gel cleanser not only cleanses your facial skin but also refreshes it and calms it down. This means that people who have skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis or acne can use this product without having to worry about flare-ups or breakouts. Its active ingredients are all natural: willow bark extract, date fruit extract, lavender, marsh mallow root, orange fruit extract and peppermint plant extract. 

This product contains a small amount of salicylic acid to help prevent and diminish the appearance of blemishes, antioxidants to protect your skin from environmental pollutants, plus flavonoids and fatty acids to soothe inflammation. The epiK complex balances your skin’s pH and natural oil production to allow other skincare products to be absorbed more efficiently.

Not only is the epionce lytic gel cleanser award-winning but is also highly-recommended by dermatologists, skin care professionals and highly rated by users. It is paraben-free, sulfate-free, fragrance-free and is not tested on animals. To use, simply massage the product onto your damp skin with lukewarm water, then rinse. You can use this product once or twice daily, depending on the instructions by your dermatologist.

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