Products You Need for a Basic Skincare Routine

Knowing which products to use and how they benefit your skin is very important when creating a skincare routine. Below are a few essential skincare product must-haves:

Cleansers – Water-soluble cleansers remove oil, dirt and makeup from your face. Water and soap can damage your face’s delicate skin. Cleansers also allow other skincare products to be more effective.

Toners – Applied after cleansing, toners smooths and softens the skin. They also have revitalizing and replenishing ingredients.

Exfoliators – The elements cause damage to the surface of the skin, resulting in dullness, rough texture and uneven skin tone. Exfoliators remove built-up dead skin for smoother and renewed look for your skin, unclogging pores and reducing the appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles.

Skin Lightening Products – They reduce the appearance of brown spots, age spots and other discolorations on your skin. The main ingredient is hydroquinone, a bleaching agent.

Moisturizers – Moisturizers keep your face hydrated and protected. They help prolong the youthful look of your skin by keeping it plump, smooth and soft.

Sunscreens – Exposure to UVA and UVB rays causes wrinkles, saggy skin, and the formation of various skin cancers. Sunscreens are the most important products to use for your skincare regimen. They protect your skin from the sun’s damage. Choose one with an SPF 30 or higher rating that also offers broad-spectrum protection.