Should I See a Doctor About Hair Loss?

If you are losing 100 or more hairs per day, then you should see a doctor about it. Normally we can shed that much in a day, but most of them are being replaced by the next hair coming out of that follicle.  Some medical conditions can cause excess hair loss like certain Thyroid or abnormal hormonal conditions. Therefore if you have this excessive shedding condition you should see your primary care for blood tests and your dermatology doctor for therapy.

If you have hairless, bald areas, aka Alopecia, in your scalp or beard that have suddenly appeared, then you should see a dermatology doctor about that.  They can diagnose and treat many patients with this type of Alopecia.  Seek treatment early and many times this type of hair loss can be successfully treated.

If your hair is thinning out more noticeably as you age past 45, than you are comfortable with it going any further, then you should see a doctor about your hair loss.  Whether you are male or female this type of gradually thinning hair loss is genetic.  It is passed down through the genes and the majority of people have that gene as is demonstrated by all of the bald older men we see daily. Treatments for this category of hair loss, androgenetic Alopecia, are now available.  See your dermatologist for the wide array of therapeutic options like PRP, surgical procedures like hair transplantation, and devices like laser caps that stimulate hair re- growth.

There are also safe prescription medications that block the activity of the hair loss hormone, dihydrotestosterone: Rogaine & Propecia.

If your hair is coming out in large clumps after you have taken down a hairdo which was done several weeks earlier, then you need to see a dermatologist right-away.  You may notice that your frontal hairline has become moth-eaten, thinned out, and you may notice shiny bald areas at the top of your scalp as you take down a weave or your braided extensions.  Or you may notice that you have less and less hair every time you get your hair done and yet you faithfully get your hair relaxer touch-up every 6 weeks like the hairdresser told you to.

You and other frequent beauty shop patrons who are often sitting under a hot hair dryer for an hour or more, may find yourselves with scarred scalps, hair loss, and excessive breakage.  You should see a dermatologist asap for a diagnosis. A biopsy may be necessary.  Then appropriate counseling and treatment of scalp scarring hair loss with injectables, nutraceuticals, and safer hair care can begin. Don’t wait!

Carol Sims-Robertson, MD