Skincare Product Tips for Summer Travel

The summer travel season is officially upon us. Many people will be going on summer trips and vacations in the next couple of weeks. 75% of Americans are planning to travel this season, which is much higher than last year now that the pandemic might finally be behind us. However we all know that travel is a hectic activity, from planning, to budgeting, to packing. One thing we can’t forget, and it’s more important than ever, is how to pack for our skincare, so here are three tips that you can use:

  • Products That Multi-task – You want to use products that do more than one thing. Why? First is because you can’t really bring that many products onboard aircrafts, and second is the fact that you really don’t want to spend a lot of time doing your routine while on vacation. Multi-tasking in this case means products that do two things for you, like moisturize AND treat inflammation, or moisturize and act as a sunscreen. A good example of this is the Avene Soothing Creme. Not only does is it a redness relief product but it contains a broad spectrum SPF of 25.
  • Products that Keep You Cool – It’s very hot this Summer, with many parts of the country experiencing heat waves. That being said, you don’t want to use skincare products that make you feel hot. This means you should avoid thicker makeup, and oil-based products that can prevent your pores from being able to “breathe”. Opting for lighter makeup, and using water-based products gives your skin a lighter feeling. To keep your skin cool in the literal sense, you can use sprays on your skin to add some hydration and to prevent redness. Avene has a Thermal Spring Water spray that does just that. It helps treat skin redness, adds a spot of hydration onto your skin, and soothes it after a day of being outdoors.
  • Products that Treat Your Issues – Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you should skimp out on bringing your retinol serums or spot-clearing creams that treat the skin issues you’re having. You really don’t want to go a couple of days or a week without treating your issues as they can easily return. The other issue with this is when you pause and then start, your skin might no longer react the way it used to when you were using these products consistently. That means you might have to start from scratch and you will have to get your skin used to the dosage all over again.