Skincare Things-to-do for 2021

New Year’s resolutions don’t always get accomplished, but most to-do lists are. 2021 brings new trends to skincare, and it’s always a good idea to jump on these trends as a head start. Here are four things that should be in your to-do list for 2021:

  1. Simplify your routine – See if you can cut back on the steps you take for your daily skincare regimen. Leave in the important parts, cut out the surplus steps. You can also simplify your steps by looking for products that do more than one thing. Serums that contain both retinol and salicylic acid, along with soothing agents can reduce the amount of products you will be putting on. Remember the steps – cleanse, toner/serum, any spot treatments, moisturize, then SPF.
  2. Expect more realistic and natural results – Having that natural look is always the best way to go. While you do want to expect glowing results from your skincare treatments, there can be something as “too glowing” to the point where it becomes unnatural. What you should expect is more subtle, and more realistic results, which then lead to a more natural look.
  3. Apply more sunscreen – a WebMD study showed that people are not wearing nearly enough  sunscreen, at least not to the manufacturer’s recommended level. A full grown adult needs about an ounce of sunscreen, or a full shot glass, to completely cover their body effectively. Keep in mind you still need to re-apply every couple of hours, as sunscreen can evaporate and get absorbed by your skin.
  4. See your dermatologist more often – instead of going to your dermatologist whenever you have a problem, make it a habit to get regular appointments, especially for skin checks. Your dermatologist will be able to detect any potential problems that may arise by examining your skin. This includes lesions like moles, and spots on your skin that may potentially be pre-cancerous or cancerous. It is recommended you get your skin checked at least once a year by your dermatologist, along with a monthly self-check at home.