Skincare Tips Just Before Bedtime

Getting a good amount of sleep is one of the key parts for having a  healthy body. There are also numerous benefits to your skin when you are well-rested. You age slower if you sleep better, and you’re a lot less prone to acne breakouts too. You can even  reinforce getting good enough sleep with a bedtime routine to amplify the benefits to your skin. Here are four tips you can try:

  • Keep your linens clean and fresh – Pillow cases, blankets and sheets accumulate oil and dead cells from your skin, not to mention allergens like dust and dust mites.  It’s important to replace them regularly, and to wash the old ones regularly with warm water to rid them of dust mites and to fully clean them. You should also make sure your blankets are fresh enough for your skin to be able to breathe through, and not overheat.
  • Do Your Nighttime Skincare Routine – The best time to do your nighttime skincare routine is just before bedtime. This includes using a gentle cleanser and a treatment product (like a serum or a brightener) you use for whatever issues your skin may have. The active ingredients from the products you use are absorbed a lot more efficiently when you sleep because your skin starts its recovery process from the damage it sustained throughout the day.
  • Drink a lot of water – Drinking lots of water just before bedtime will make sure your body, not just your skin, will be fully hydrated throughout the night. The moisturizer you apply penetrates the outermost layers of your skin, and the water you drink will help hydrate the rest of your body. A fully hydrated skin means its not dull and not prone to inflammation.
  • Minimize Phone/Tablet Use – You want to be fully relaxed when you’re in bed in order to prepare your body to sleep. Focusing on screens keeps your body active and prevents you from winding down for a good night’s sleep. There is also evidence that the blue light emitted from phones and tablets contributes to photoaging, causing wrinkles and loss of collagen. Keep your phone or tablet away when you’re in bed and opt for reading a book, meditation, or other relaxation methods instead.