Skincare tips to survive a “cold” Gasparilla Invasion

With the impending Gasparilla invasion upon Tampa Bay, here are some tips to keep you looking and feeling good during the pillaging and plundering by Jose Gaspar and his crew of pirates.

  • gasparilla-harbor-island-flMoisturize

As Gaspar’s invasion arrives just before noon, it also kicks off a long parade and day filled with celebration. Not only do we recommend you moisturize first thing in the morning, but you may want to bring your moisturizer with you since we are expecting to have quite a day of sunshine and cold winds blowing across the bay. Remember your lip balm, too! Cold winds actually dry out your skin more than our usual warm (hot) weather and humidity.

  • Sunscreen

Even in parts of the country that currently under inches of snow, it’s still possible to get sunburned. Fortunately we don’t have to worry about the ice, only the same beautiful warm sun we get to enjoy all year. Sunburn doesn’t look good on anyone, no matter what time of year it is, and the sun will be out in full force. Make sure you apply your sunscreen to any exposed skin before leaving for Gasparilla in the morning, and definitely bring it with you. You’ll want to re-apply every few hours or so.

  • Gasparilla-Parade-routeDressing for the Invasion

Whether you choose to dress as a pirate or a landlubber, it’s the type of clothing you wear not what you wear that could have an effect on your Gasparilla experience. Because of the colder temperatures, it’s likely that you’ll wear layers. Try to make sure the layer touching your skin isn’t cotton. Cotton absorbs your sweat and any other moisture you may encounter leaving you colder than expected.

  • Drink up! Water, that is.

While it is a myth that drinking water helps your skin, whether it’s from the sun or adult beverages that may come your way, it’s always a good idea to stay hydrated. Your body will be working hard to keep you warm, and the water will help ensure you have a good time throughout the long day.