Taking Care Of Your Skin Beyond Products

Most of the time, we rely on products to take care of our skin. That should not just be the case. There are other things that we can do to help preserve our youth and complexion. Here are four things you can supplement your product-based skincare, without using products:

  • Stop Touching Your Face – This cannot be stressed enough. Rubbing those red spots and popping those pimples might feel great, but you would just be transferring a lot more bacteria from whatever you have touched onto your face’s delicate skin. There is also a type of acne called mechanical acne, which comes from the friction from repeated touching of the face.
  • Wash Your Makeup Brushes – Your makeup brushes not only contain old makeup but also dust, sweat, skin oils, and bacteria that have built up over time. Washing your makeup brushes weekly should be a regular practice to avoid having all those things smeared all over you face and causing all kinds of problems.
  • Manage Your Stress – The hormone Cortisol, which is the body’s fight or flight response, increases the body’s inflammatory response. Constant stress makes the body feel always tired due to the hormones being released all the time. How does this affect the skin? Well high levels of cortisol dries out the skin, increases inflammation, and increases the production of oils. The increase in blood flow also puffs up your skin and reddens your complexion. Find ways to manage your stress – exercise, productive hobbies, sufficient rest and relaxation.
  • Have Proper Sleep Habits – This is the so-called “beauty sleep”. It means you’re getting enough rest every single night so you allow your body to heal the damage you encounter every day, and regenerate lost cells. When you sleep, your body starts production of collagen, which combats wrinkles and adds volume to your skin.