Three Issues Your Dermatologist Can Help You With

Nail Issues – When you feel like your nails feel really thick, or if they can easily be lifted off from the nail bed, then perhaps it’s time to see a dermatologist. If you have nails that separate from the nail bed, also known as onycholysis, it may be caused by an underlying skin disease, an infection, or a recent injury. Thickening nails might be caused by a condition called nail psoriasis. Each of these conditions can be treated by your dermatologist after some proper diagnosis. Keep in mind that the normal feeling for nails is just an occasional brittleness, so if you think there might be something wrong with them, give your dermatologist a call.
Excessive Sweating – Your dermatologist can help you if you feel like you’re sweating more than usual and that it affects your work and social life. We all sweat; it’s a normal function of the body. If you’re working out in the gym, in the garden, or out for a run, you can expect a bit of sweating. When the temperature is hot, or if you feel stressed, you will most likely be also sweating. What’s not normal is continuous sweat that may last the whole day, even when you’re just doing mundane, non-physical work. There are many medical conditions and medications that can cause it, but it’s best to have your dermatologist take a look. There is treatment available for hyperhidrosis – from injections, to creams and deodorants and even pills.
Eyelash Thinning – People experience the gradual thinning of their eyelashes as they age. Some experience this due to some bad beauty habits, like being too aggressive with the use of makeup remover on the eyes, or going to sleep while still wearing eye makeup. However, in some instances, it might be caused by a bacterial infection around your eyes. Most of us are not aware how many times we rub our eyes with our hands, and bacteria can easily be transferred that way. Hormonal imbalances can also be the root cause, and even certain autoimmune disorders. If you feel like you’re not really too sure if it’s your makeup routine that’s causing your eyelashes to fall out, then give your dermatologist a call for an appointment.