Three Skincare Products You Should Be Avoiding

There are a lot of articles and information about what skincare products you should be using. The same should also be said for which products you should be avoiding. It’s important to read the full ingredient list at the back of each skincare product you’re planning on purchasing. After all, you will be putting that on your body. Here are three skincare products you should be avoiding:

  • Products with Parabens – Parabens and its family of chemicals extend the shelf life of skincare products. In short, it’s a preservative. It has many variations: methylparabens, propylparabens, and ethylparabens. They can be found in many different skincare products from shampoos, to makeup, to body washes and even cleansers. These chemicals have been known to disrupt the body’s hormonal balances and have been even linked to breast cancer.
  • Products with Hard Fruit Parts – There are quite a few facial scrubs that contain fruit parts, either seeds or fruit pits, and they can do damage to your skin as well. These fruit parts are often ground up and mixed with some kind of liquid, however the way they’re ground up is not always uniform. Some parts may contain jagged edges that can scratch and injure your skin. Yes they do the job of exfoliating but it’s better to opt for gentler exfoliators that contain chemical agents, like glycolic acids or salicylic acids.
  • Products with Fragrances – While manufacturers are not required to disclose what ingredients they use for the fragrance they have for their products, they are usually the same substances that act as allergens for many people. It’s a good idea to read the full ingredient list at the back and see if “fragrance” or “parfum” is mentioned, as it means it may contain the same substances that can case allergic contact dermatitis, or rosacea and psoriasis triggers. It is nice to smell good when putting on a product, but it’s better to go fragrance-free just to be safe.