Three Skincare Tips Often Overlooked

There are a lot of skincare tips you should be following. Dermatologists and skincare experts would want you to follow as many of them as possible. Sometimes there are tips that do get overlooked. Here are three tips that often get overlooked, but should be considered:

  • Using a lip balm or lipstick that has SPF – The skin on your lips is very thin, and is prone to dryness and sunburn. Before going outside, or going to bed, you should apply a lip balm with proper protection. Chapped lips can be unsightly and can be painful too. If you want to apply extra moisture on your lips, opt for using petroleum jelly.
  • Keeping  your hands away from your face – When you touch your face with your hands, it’s more than likely that you are transferring dirt, germs and other potentially harmful substances to your face. Try to leave your face alone, train yourself to stop touching your face whenever the chance arises. This goes for popping pimples, scratching at any itchy spots, or generally picking on blackheads/whiteheads. 
  • Performing regular skin checks – This cannot be stressed enough. Performing monthly skin checks on your body can be the first defense to diagnosing any potential issues, including skin cancers like melanoma. Melanoma can be treatable if detected early enough, so if you come across a mole, a lesion or any area on your body during your skin check that you think warrants a visit to the dermatologist, please do so.