Three Things Telehealth can Diagnose

Telehealth has been around for a number of years now but it’s becoming more and more popular with people being told to stay at home. Many conditions that patients may otherwise have to go to their dermatologist’s office for may now be diagnosed from the comfort of their own home. Here are three things that telehealth can diagnose (among many other skin issues):

  • Rashes – By sending pictures, your dermatologist can easily diagnose the type of rash you currently have on your skin. Rashes are characterized by their appearance and by their accompanying symptoms. Eczema for example are patches of red, scaly skin usually found on the elbows and knees, and can be accompanied by bleeding from the cracks on the skin. Hives on the other hand are raised bumps that itch, and with a white center. Your dermatologist will also ask you if you are allergic to certain chemicals, foods and other substances, as some rashes are caused by coming in contact with irritants.
  • Hair Loss – Either through live video or through clear pictures, hair loss can be diagnosed through telehealth as well. Millions of people suffer from hair loss, and there are different kinds as well. Pattern hair loss is the most common, and the symptoms are different between men and women. Your dermatologist may ask you what medications you’re taking, like blood thinners, contraceptives, and if you have any vitamin deficiencies that may contribute to your condition.
  • Post-Surgery Followups – If you have had a mole or a lesion excised, you may be able to use telehealth to follow up with your dermatologist. They will ask how the surgery site is healing, provide tips on how to reduce scarring and even discuss your biopsy results (if applicable). 

In general, if your dermatologist thinks that you will need to come in for an in-person visit for a closer look at your condition, then they will tell you. If you have urgent symptoms that require immediate medical assistance, then you should go to the E.R.

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