Three Things That Can Derail Your Skincare Routine

The last thing you want to do is derail your skincare routine, putting you back to square one. It is important to have one for morning and one for night, but if you don’t execute things correctly, then all your efforts might be for naught. Here are three things that can derail your skincare routine:

  • Not Using Products in the Right Order – There is a correct way to layer your skincare products, which is from  the lightest to the thickest. First you cleanse your skin to completely clean it, then you apply your toner, followed by the serum if it’s water-based). This is followed by your retinoid (and then the thicker serum), and continue by using your moisturizing cream to seal everything in.
  • Not Being Consistent – The results from any skincare routine do not come overnight. It usually takes weeks or even months to see proper changes in your skin. The key is to be consistent and not be frustrated when you are not seeing any results yet. Part of this is also sticking to the products you have been recommended or prescribed by your dermatologist or skincare expert. It can be hard to resist switching it up or changing a product because something new came out that promises quicker results, but remember that your skincare routine is for you, with products that work for what you need to achieve. Patience is definitely needed along with consistency.
  • Not Using The Correct Products – Along with being consistent, this is also pretty important. You and your dermatologist know your skin the most. As a skincare expert, your dermatologist will recommend products that work with your skin type, your skin’s nuances, it’s issues and the results you want to achieve. However, this would include a trial-and-error phase where there would be certain products that your dermatologist wants to test out first. Before using a product you plan to purchase, consult your dermatologist besides reading the label and doing your research.