Too Much Sodium Can Be Bad For Your Skin

Sodium, while a vital nutrient for the body, can sometimes be abused by eating too many salty foods. The primary function of sodium is to hold water in the body and keep fluids in a normal balance. Sodium is also a key element in the normal functions of your nerves and muscles, as well as helping control the total amount of fluid found in your blood. However, modern diets can contain too much sodium, or salt. Foods like french fries, hamburgers, potato chips and many other salted snacks can have a large amount of sodium that often exceeds the body’s daily allowance. This results in over consumption of sodium, affecting many functions in our body – even our skin.
So how exactly does sodium affect the skin? Here’s how:
Puffiness and Bloated-looking skin – Sodium helps your body retain water, and the more water it has, the bloated your skin will look. Puffiness like bags under your eyes can also be a consequence of too much salt in your diet.
Dehydration – Even if salt does help you retain water, the way your kidneys react can be differently. When you eat salty foods but do not drink adequate water, the imbalance in your kidneys filtration system will draw out your body’s water supply that’s been stored to compensate, leaving your body with less water. This means dry and cracked skin, leading to a dull and lackluster appearance.
Acne Breakouts – When your body is dehydrated from too much salt in your diet, your skin produces more oils to moisturize your skin naturally. Combine this with very dry skin and you have a combination that spells acne breakouts. Too much oil on your skin, along with dried up skin flakes can clog and inflame your skin, resulting in pimples, blackheads and whiteheads.
So what can you do to avoid these things from happening to your skin? Well it’s simple. Try to minimize sodium consumption to well below your daily allowance. Try alternatives like herbs, pepper or balsamic vinegar to season your foods with. Cut back on junk food and heavily processed foods. Avoid sodas and energy drinks and keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water.