Treating Chest Acne Breakouts

Chest acne can be really annoying. That mans v-neck shirts and low-cut dresses might become a no-no. However, it can be relatively easy to treat and prevent given the right steps. Here are three you can follow:

  • Take extra showers – Keeping your body cleaner will help prevent further breakouts and even minimize the bacteria and irritants already on the pimples. This is very important especially after you work out. You really don’t want to be wearing your sweaty clothes long after you’re done exercising. Using an anti-bacterial body wash can help ward off further acne from forming. If you don’t have access to a shower immediately, use a bacterial wipe in the meantime.
  • Exfoliate more – This can mean to use a physical gentle scrub on your chest, or to use exfoliating creams if you think that the abrasive material of scrubs would be too harsh on your skin. Removing the layer of dirt and bacteria on your pores can prevent any clogging and pimple formation.
  • Use Salicylic Acids and Peroxides – Spot-treating your current breakout can prevent its spread. Salicylic acids dissolve the debris that are located within your pores, while benzoyl peroxide is an anti-microbial agent. The best time to apply these substances is at night, just before you sleep, but you have to be careful as peroxide bleaches fabrics, so it’s better to apply it when you are wearing an older shirt.

If you do need professional help with your chest acne, you can always consult your dermatologist. They can help you by tailoring a treatment plan for your needs.