Trimming Your Skincare Routine Down for the Summer

The summer months can be harsh to our skin, that\’s why we need to adapt our skincare routine with the humidity, the sweating and the rainy season. What you want to do is to switch and adapt your skincare with the weather. Here are four things you can do about your skincare routine for the Summer:

  • Go Oil-Free – Switching to lighter skincare products devoid of oil during the summer months will balance out your skin\’s oil production, resulting in healthier skin. The hot summer weather is not suited for the thicker and more hydrating products that can feel heavy and sticky on your face.
  • Focusing on Sun Protection – During the summer months when the sun\’s harsher than ever so you need to be a lot more vigilant with your sunscreen application and re-application. Make sure you use a product with  SPF 30 or over.
  • Switching to Water-Based Cleansers – At night when you wash your face, think about switching to a gentle water-based cleanser that will hydrate your skin to prevent it from drying out overnight. Products that are rich in essential nutrients like vitamin A and C that will help repair your skin while you sleep.
  • Using Anti-Oxidant Serums – With the humidity comes more pollutants and irritants getting stuck on your skin as you sweat throughout the day. To prevent the onset of inflammation, acne breakouts, you want to be using anti-oxidants to strip these pollutants and free radicals from your skin.