What Can You Do About Butt Acne?

Butt acne can not only be painful, itchy, but also embarrassing. However, the acne found on your facial skin is different from the red pimples found on your buttocks. The main cause of butt acne is actually folliculitis. The main cause of this condition is from the staph bacteria growing over your skin’s follicles, causing inflammation and blockage and resulting in red, swollen pores. The main contributor of the overgrowth of the staph bacteria is sweat. Not only does it irritate your skin but also the moisture creates a great environment for the bacteria to grow. Some types of clothing can also be a factor as to why acne on the buttocks show up due to the lack of breathability in their fabrics. When you’re sweating, clothing made from polyester or nylon can prevent your sweat from evaporating, and keeping the fabric pressed to your skin. This can result in irritated hair follicles. Friction and chafing from wearing clothing that is too tight are also culprits of acne on the buttocks.

Getting Rid of Butt Acne At Home

  • Chemical Exfoliators – Acids like salicylic acid and lactic acid can help treat your butt acne. Their potent ingredients loosen and remove dead skin cells from your skin’s surface, leaving you with softer and smoother skin. These treatments are in the form of creams, lotions and pads. These treatments are available in many pharmacies and no prescriptions are required most of the time.
  • Looser Clothing – The friction caused by wearing tight-fitting clothing combined with sweat is a huge factor for butt acne. This is especially important when you’re exercising as you’re doing dynamic movements where fabrics can rub up against your skin multiple times.
  • Showering Multiple Times – It’s important to keep yourself clean, especially from sweat. Showering multiple times a day when you know you will be sweating a lot helps get rid of trapped sweat that can potentially irritate your hair follicles. If you are working outside in the heat, or exercising, or if it’s just too hot and are sweating, make sure you prevent your body from being drenched in sweat for too long.

If none of these treatments work and your butt acne continues to persist, you should call your dermatologist ASAP. This also applies if the red bumps on your buttocks start to bleed or if pus becomes present.