What CooLifting Can Do For You

Microdermabrasion, microneedling, chemical peels and laser treatments are a few of the most popular skincare treatments you can get in the market today. They all produce equally amazing results and address a plethora of skin issues. Did you know that you can add a CooLifting facial to any of them?

CooLifting is a new cryo facial treatment, combining dioxide and serums to lift, tighten and hydrate your skin. It’s quick and painless – with immediate results visible in a five-minute treatment time. It’s a versatile treatment option that you can combine it with your microneedling visit, or during your microdermabrasion. Like most modern skincare treatments, this one has virtually no downtime and also pain-free. You can book a session for one of your lunch hours, show up, get the treatment done, and go on about your day.

So how exactly does the treatment work? The CooLift uses a treatment gun to shoot a steady flow of very low-temperature CO2 onto the skin, combined with hyaluronic acids and other serums, to produce instant wrinkle reduction, improved skin luminosity and a more hydrated complexion.

If you have a wedding, birthday, reunion or anniversary coming up, a CooLifting treatment session might be what you need to help your skin look younger and healthier instantly.

You can find more information on CooLift treatments here, including videos, results and testimonials from satisfied patients.