What Hylaruonic Acid Based Fillers Can Do For You

Hyaluronic acid, the main ingredient of injectable fillers, are what gives your skin its volume. By injecting HA into wrinkles, fine lines and folds, dermatologists are able to restore volume and fullness that has been lost through aging, while enhancing the level of moisture of your skin.

  • Overall Volume Loss – One truth about getting old is the loss of collagen on your skin. This leads to sagging and more prominent lines and wrinkles. Fillers act as a liquid facelift and can produce great results that can make your skin look more plump for a long time. The usual technique done by licensed aestheticians and dermatologists is layering one or two different fillers to achieve maximum results.
  • Jawline Contouring – The removal of sagging jowls and jawline reshaping can be done without going under the knife if you get injectable fillers on that area of your face. By filling in areas that usually look deflated, you can look much younger by enhancing your jawline.
  • Under-eye Dark Circles – Dark circles under your eyes make you look tired and old. The “dark” circles can be shadows created by the hollowness from the loss of volume. The filler injections are usually done in the tear trough on the eyes to fill in the hollowed out area. Results are instant and do continue last for a long time.