Why Do People Break Out in Hives?

So here’s the situation: you’ve had a rough week, with so many  more things to do and with so little time. All of a sudden, you break out in hives. Why did that happen? You’ve been watching what you eat, you’ve been using the same body wash and didn’t switch your laundry detergent, yet you still got hives.

The answer could be because of the immense stress you’re in. Yes, stress hives do occur. While hives can be triggered by the usual things: foods, fabrics and chemicals you are allergic to, they can also be triggered by being under severe stress.

To treat stress hives, you can take over-the-counter antihistamines. Things will usually calm down after a day or two. However, treating them as they flare up might not be so good in the long run. You would have to start making some life changes to better cope with stress, lest you risk getting waves of flare ups. This means you will have to start managing your stress better, maybe trying to get more sleep, and find ways to relax. Pick up a hobby that can help you unwind, or exercise to help you release some tension and stress in your life.

To prevent stress hives, you need to be very proactive. If you notice that you’ve been stressing out over something to the point that you feel ill, cannot sleep or eat, then you should seek ways to possibly reduce the stress. Self-care is an important aspect in today’s modern world so you should take some time to do that. Yes, hives can be a very inconvenient skin condition, but it’s rarely a cause for emergency. If you have other symptoms like a fever, swelling of the mouth, then you should go to an emergency room as they may be signs of a more serious condition.