Why should you use facial cleansers?

Why should you use facial cleansers

First, let’s get this out of the way: a facial cleanser is DIFFERENT from a face wash. Both tend to do the common job of cleansing your face but the difference is that a face wash is mostly foam in nature while a cleanser is non-foaming. Cleansers also don’t have to be washed off but instead they need to be wiped off your face.

Aside from getting rid of makeup and grime from your face, a cleanser also gets rid of excess oil. A cleanser is more effective in removing these from your face instead of a face wash because they are oil-soluble impurities.

If your facial skin is exposed to a lot of dust, pollution, or debris on a daily basis, then consider using a cleanser first to get rid of those heavy substances on your face first before using a face wash.

A lot of skin experts recommend using a facial cleanser over soap for cleaning your face. This is because some soaps can be very harsh on your skin as they can cause dryness, or some of their ingredients can cause some irritation or itching. A cleanser on the other hand is designed specifically to cater to the delicate facial skin.

To choose the right cleanser for yourself, talk to your dermatologist to explore what options are available.