Why You Shouldn’t Lie To Your Dermatologist

According to a survey conducted by Cerave, a skincare brand founded by skincare experts, dermatologists believe that 75 percent of their patients are lying about how much sunscreen they are actually applying and how often they are actually applying.

The survey mentioned that people believe applying sunscreen takes up too much of their time or is inconvenient, while others have not found a brand they like yet. There are also others who said that they just forget most of the time.

When your health is the issue, you should not lie to your doctor. It is only by telling the truth that they would be able to help you with the issues you are facing. What could be causing those premature wrinkles around your eyes? Could it be that you’re skipping on sunscreen on that area? You should tell your dermatologist so they know exactly what to do. If you’re getting acne breakouts because you keep skipping to cleanse your skin, then tell your doctor. Maybe they can recommend a product that’s better or easier to use.

Remember that the relationship you have with your dermatologist is a two-way street. If you are not telling them the full details of the factors that may be affecting your skin like if you smoke, if you eat a lot of sweets, or if you are not getting enough sleep, or you are overwashing your skin, they will likely find out eventually but it could be way too late to properly help you.

Your dermatologist needs to know that they can trust you, as much as you trust them to help you.