Why Your Products Aren’t Working

Sometimes, no matter how strict you are with following a skincare regimen, it’s still not working. Maybe you’re doing something wrong? Is it the routine? the product? both? Not necessarily. There are some things that can be overlooked as to why your products aren’t working. Here are four of the most common ones:

  • You’re Using Them at the Wrong Time – Your body starts to heal itself when you’re sleeping at night, that’s why retinoids work perfectly for a nighttime routine, since you can apply it and go to bed. Retinoids will not work as well as it should if you applied it during the day, because they need your body to be in its healing state, and to be applied when there is no sun to deactivate their ingredients. For sunscreen, you should be applying most of it before you leave and expose yourself to the sun.  That means before you hit the beach, you should have applied it beforehand, and then re-apply just before the two hour mark. Why? Because you apply it and it will have been deactivated at around 90 minutes.
  • Check the Expiration Date – Just like food and other perishable products, your skin care items do have a shelf life. Items like retinoids and serums end up being ineffective after a while because their users do not realize that their expiration date has gone past. When you shop for skin care items, just like with food, you should check the shelf life to make sure you’re able to use it all up before they expire.
  • Your Body Has Gotten Used To It – This is why it’s important to rotate your products periodically. Your body sometimes ends up building a tolerance to the product’s desired effect. It happens, and it can be common. What you can do is you can change up the products from time to time, or use them in different orders to keep their effectiveness at peak.
  • Your Medication Has Something To Do With It – Either taken or applied, your medications might be something that can interfere with your chemical exfoliator’s effectiveness, or even disrupting it’s process. Your skin might end up being too sensitive, causing your exfoliator to inflame your skin rather than gently do it’s thing. Other medications can cause increased oil production and can interfere with your acne creams. You will have to make a balance between the two, and if you’re still having problems, you should contact your dermatologist.