Why Your Skincare Regimen May Not Be Working Anymore

Starting a skincare regimen yields amazing results at first, but after a while you might notice that the results start to diminish even after sticking to your routine religiously. Later down the road, you notice the dark spots, the blemishes and the acne breakouts come back. This could be because of a number of things, and it\’s not necessarily something you\’re not doing correctly.

Sometimes, the products you are using can degrade. Skin care products do have a shelf life, just like food, or medicine. The longer they sit, the less effective their key ingredients could become. Another issue related to this is that sometimes the ingredients could be causing the degradation themselves. Skincare items that include ingredients like silicones, mineral oils or petroleum jelly can cause moisture build up and nullify any positive effects.

Another issue you should consider is that maybe the product you are using could be contaminated. Either the key ingredients have become inactive, or there has been too much buildup of bacteria. either way, if you have products that you haven\’t used in a while, it\’s a good idea to do test applications before using them fully again.

One last thing that you should consider is that maybe your skin has changed. It happens as you get older, or during life changes like pregnancy, or as your metabolism slows down. Menopause is also a good example of this, when your body\’s hormonal output changes. This means that whatever products you were using before the changes in your life may not work afterwards.

It\’s always a good idea to evaluate your skincare routine regularly to see what still works and what doesn\’t. Combine this with a visit to your dermatologist to make sure the goals you set out to achieve from the routine you\’re following are still applicable. Your dermatologist can change up your routine, or recommend you new products that are sure to achieve the new results you\’re wanting.