Why your skincare routine should be personalized

There are a lot of websites, magazines, and videos on the internet that swear by a skincare routine they’re promoting. The problem is that it might not actually work for everyone. The best way to approach crafting a skincare routine is with the help with the person that would know the most about your skin – your dermatologist. He or she can personalize a routine that works just for you. Why should your routine be personalized, well here are three reasons why:

  • Everyone’s skin is different – While people’s skin can be classified into the five different skin types (sensitive, oily, dry, combination, and normal), it’s also worth noting that not one person has the same exact skin composition as the next. This means your oil production or collagen production might differ from someone else. This also means that you might be more susceptible to inflammation than other people. These are all taken into account by your dermatologist when you go in for a consultation. The most important thing to do during this time is to communicate with your skincare expert, tell them about how oily or dry your T-Zone is, or tell them that you easily get inflamed areas of your skin when trying out a new product.
  • Everyone is dealing with different issues – from acne, to rosacea, to severe dryness, everyone has different skin conditions that require different treatments. Note that there is not one acne treatment routine that works for everyone, and keep in mind that everyone’s skin reacts differently to the combination of products. This is the same for all other skin issues – may it be blemishes, or wrinkles, or even just itchy skin. Your dermatologist will evaluate what skin care product is best for your particular issue, and then it could be different for the next person who comes in after you.
  • Not all products work for everyone – Taking into account any allergic reactions, or the type of acne you might be trying to treat, one skincare product might not work really well with what you want to achieve compared to another person. There is no magic skincare product that’s a cure-all, it all has to be tailored specifically and balanced according to how your skin reacts to them. For example, products for severe of cystic acne can have more concentrated doses of active ingredients that may do more harm to someone who’s just trying to get rid of one or two pimples.

Crafting a skincare routine can have a lot of trial and error. One product might be good for most people, but because of your unique skin, it might not work for you. It’s not uncommon for your dermatologist to have you swap out products from time to time, this might be because of diminished effectiveness, or maybe because it’s not effective at all. It takes time to create that perfect routine that works for what you want to achieve, and your dermatologist can definitely help you all the way.