Working Out and Cleansing

Working out nowadays is part of our society. It\’s healthy to stay active, whether it\’s going out biking, walking or running, or taking gym classes, or even lifting weights. What is also important is what you can do to keep your skin healthy in tandem with keeping your body active and healthy. Here are some tips that you can follow for whatever workout routine or schedule you may have:

  • Working Out in the morning – You don\’t need to wash your face as much before hitting the gym. This is especially when you\’ve done your nighttime routine last night. A gentle wash and then wiping with a microfiber cloth is sufficient. 
  • Working Out later in the day – Cleanse before you work out. Remove all the products and makeup you\’ve applied to your face before sweating. You don\’t want the substances to be going inside your pores when they\’re open as you sweat. This is also true for the dirt and bacteria that has accumulated over the course of the day.
  • Working out with makeup – Generally, you don\’t want to work out with makeup on. If you have to, choose makeup with mineral-based products. These don\’t have the same harmful substances that, when mixed with sweat, may cause acne breakouts.
  • Working out outside – Use sunscreen. Choose a sufficient SPF and make sure the product is water resistant for the entire duration of your workout. Don\’t forget to use some type of lip balm on your lips so they don\’t dry out. Keep your self hydrated with a sufficient supply of water.
  • What to do about your workout clothes – Get out of them ASAP. They are full of bacteria, sweat and dirt that, the longer they are stuck to your skin, the more likely you are to get acne breakouts or inflammation. When you shower, you can use a gentle scrub on your body to rid yourself of the grime and other potentially harmful substances from your workout clothes.