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Black Dermatologist Tampa?  Huh…

Unique skin types require unique care.  Being one of the few African American dermatologists in Florida, Dr. Sims-Robertson, has curated her St Pete based practice around caring for people all skin types.

Cosmetic Injectables | Laser Hair Removal | Microneedling | 4D Facelift

Dr. Carol Sims-Robertson, M.D.
Dr. Alexandra Coad, DNP, FNP-C
Taylor Ward, MCMSc, PA-C
black dermatologist tampa
black dermatologist tampa
black dermatologist tampa
black dermatologist tampa
black dermatologist tampa
black dermatologist tampa

You want youthful-looking skin!  We have the skincare treatments to help you.
We are local, serving St Petersburg, Tampa, and the surrounding areas.

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black dermatologist tampa

Our practice is proud to offer specialized services tailored to address the unique skin concerns of black and darker-complected patients.   At Divine Dermatology, we understand the importance of culturally sensitive and inclusive dermatological care for individuals with diverse skin tones, including African American patients.  We offer a comprehensive range of services, including treatments for acne, eczema, uneven skin tone, and other conditions that may be more prevalent in individuals with darker skin.   While we specialize in black skin care, we cater to all types of skin and provide comprehensive care to all those in need of the best dermatology care.

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Black Dermatologist Tampa?

 You’ve arrived.  Our dermatologists possess in-depth knowledge and expertise in managing a wide range of conditions, including hyperpigmentation, keloid scars, and other common issues that can affect individuals with darker skin tones.   Experience the compassionate and professional care of our African American dermatologists at Divine Dermatology—schedule your appointment today and embark on your journey to healthier and more vibrant skin.

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black dermatologist tampa