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What Is The Patient Portal?




Our patient portal EMA, from Modernizing Medicine, is a cloud-based patient healthcare management system that allows our patients to easily and conveniently review and update their medical records, schedule appointments, access test results, send private messages and many other features.

EMA is designed to be as convenient and as user-friendly like all the other apps you use on a daily basis. Our patient portal gives our patients the freedom to access their health data anywhere and anytime they want.

We believe in continuing health conversations with our patients outside their office visits, and our patient portal makes it possible. This way, at their next visit, they can use the information they have access to on their portal to have more meaningful discussions with our medical professionals.


Patient Portal Features

Seamless and Convenient

  • Navigate through a clean and friendly interface
  • Accessible via desktop/tablet/mobile
  • Refill requests just take a few clicks

Easy Access Your Information

  • Past Medical History
  • Medications/Allergies
  • Diagnoses and visit notes
  • Test results
  • Contact Information

Engage with your healthcare provider

  • Communicate with our providers via encrypted messaging
  • Update your information in real time
  • Allow a caregiver or a representative if you are underage or disabled

Patient Portal FAQs

  • Our patient portal contains the most up-to-date information regarding your office visit. This includes the doctor’s diagnosis and the proposed treatment, whatever medication you might be prescribed and also the results of your lab tests.

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