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Laser Offerings



Iridex Laser

The Iridex 532 KTP laser is our most useful laser for successfully treating annoying small facial veins, capillaries, rosacea redness, and brown age spots.

Pre-treatment with a topical anesthetic minimizes any procedural discomfort for this well-tolerated laser treatment. The procedure is also quite quick, usually about 15 minutes in duration, and generally requires no downtime. Typically, there is only a slight reddening of the face that passes in a day’s time.

Patients will generally return in 2-3 weeks for their subsequent treatments. Most patients need 2-5 treatments to reach their desired end point.

For small facial blood vessels and age spots
Starting at $150

Cynosure Affirm

The Cynosure Affirm is a non-ablative fractional light energy device that allows for an effective treatment when dealing with acne scars, among other entities such as wrinkles and texture and tone concerns.

The Cynosure Affirm MPX laser can be used as well to treat fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, sun-damaged skin and improve skin texture. It allows for the improvement in your lines and wrinkles and scars, and provides tissue tightening as well – all in one device.

The treatments vary but most require 4 to 6 treatments for optimal results. Minimal to no downtime.
For small facial veins, capillaries, rosacea, and age spots
$350 Per Treatment

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