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Pro-Nox Conscious



Pro-Nox Conscious Sedation

Proven Safe and Effective

This method has been used for  decades around the world

Quick Onset

Takes effect in seconds so patients feel immediate relief

Short Duration

The effect clears the body within minutes after the procedure is complete


No IV’s, and easy to administer and set up


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Pro-Nox is a an analgesic system that combines two safe gases: oxygen and nitrous oxide, in a 50:50 ratio, available to all of our patients who desire this added comfort during their cosmetic procedures. This option delivers a safe, effective mixture of gases to your system. With a click of a button you can increase the dose when you feel anxious or pain, and the effect can be felt in seconds.

As the doctor providing these wonderful procedures, lifting faces, filling wrinkles, treating scars and age spots, etc, I have found Pro-Nox to be an invaluable tool. My patients love this option to have their treatments done pain-free and without risk. Pro-Nox is absolutely safe and wears off quickly after the procedure, allowing the patient to drive home safely as soon as they are discharged.

-Dr. Carol Sims-Robertson

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