Laser Hair Removal





Laser hair removal is a long-term solution to hair removal. With just a few treatments, you could be hair free for a long time, negating the need to regularly remove unwanted hair. However, before going in for a consultation for a potential laser hair removal treatment, we encourage you to read our blog post explaining the facts about the treatment.

  • Treatment can be performed on any area of the body
  • Will require 4-6 treatments, depending on skin color
  • Treatment is safe and effective for all skin tones

Our patients are able to choose from these two wonderful laser options:

Lumenis Lightsheer Duet

The Light Sheer Duet from Lumenis a high-tech diode system for fair skin. The Lumenis Light Sheer uses vacuum-assist technology, and a large spot size option, enabling us to treat large areas like the back and the legs, with comfort and speed. Treatments with the Light Sheer Duet only take about 15 minutes on average, and there’s virtually no downtime.
50 Minute Treatment
Pricing Varies

Fotona Dynamis Pro

Our new laser system from the 2018 Aesthetic Industry Award-winning brand Fotona is specifically for individuals with darker skin tones. The 1064 laser uses a longer wavelength compared to regular lasers, allowing us to safely treat unwanted hair on a wider variety of skin and hair colors. This laser is quick and highly aesthetic, with its design centered on targeting surface treatment areas while leaving surrounding tissues unaffected.
50 Minute Treatment
Pricing Varies

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