Rejuvapen Microneedling Treatment


No downtime

Patients can resume regular activity afterwards


The results can last for a long time

Skin Rejuvenation

Look younger and feel better



The Rejuvapen is an advanced microneedling device that we use for these popular new treatments. We are effectively using the Rejuvapen to drive the cell-renewing serums like PRP and stem cell growth factors, into the facial skin, to improve acne scars, rejuvenate aging, sun-damaged skin or into the scalp to regrow hair in some cases.

This treatment is a form of complete skin renewal and repair, starting from the deepest layers to the outer layers. Your skin will be rejuvenated, and you will look younger and fresher.

Is microneedling worth it? This blog post might help you decide if it is. 

This treatment delivers biologically active serums into the skin to increase collagen production at the cellular level, or into the scalp for hair loss, resulting in a firmer more youthful skin or increased hair regrowth.

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