Get Rid of These Bad Skincare Habits in 2023

It’s officially 2023, and it’s time to shore up all your bad habits, including your skincare-related ones. Here are four bad habits you should ditch this new year:

  • Jumping Into Social Media Skincare Trends – Just because you saw it on Instagram or Tiktok doesn’t mean it’s effective or even safe. Many times, a lot of the skincare trends found on social media are full of misinformation, sometimes dangerous, or just plain wrong. From at-home lip filler injections, to DIY facial scrubs, or even mixing your own chemical peels, there have been plenty of social media trends that have been debunked and considered dangerous by dermatologists and skincare experts.
  • Overcomplicating Your Skincare Routine – Using too many products can damage your skin’s protective barrier. Doing this leaves you even more vulnerable to harmful substances and bacteria that can eventually lead to acne breakouts and inflammation. There can be as simple as three to four steps in your routine: cleansing, using a toner or a serum, moisturizing, and finishing it up with an SPF product for protection. That’s it, you don’t need to apply multiple products that can potentially cancel each other out.
  • Not Focusing on YOUR Skin – There are plenty of celebrities and other skincare experts who talk about the products they use for their skin. The keyword is “they”, not “you”. Each person has unique skin, and the routines, treatments, and products that everyone else uses may not apply to your own unique skin. Keep in mind that certain products are formulated for certain types of skin, so it’s important to identify what type of skin you have first before diving in headfirst into using a new cleanser, or moisturizer. 
  • Not Using Your Dermatologist As a Resource – When you’re at your dermatologist appointment, make sure to ask them as many questions as you can about any concerns you may have regarding your skin. Do you have a weird-looking mole that you would like them to look at? Is the rash on your forearm not going away? Why is your serum not working? What treatments can your dermatologist recommend to combat crow’s feet? They may have all the answers to your questions. That’s what they are there for, to help you get your skin to a better place.