How peptides can aid your anti-aging routine

To keep things simple, peptides are amino acids that help your skin’s different functions, from boosting collagen growth to preventing the formation of wrinkles. Peptides are found in certain proteins and can be classified by its different types.

There are peptides that tell your body to kickstart collagen production and increase it, which are called signal and carrier peptides. There are also peptides that softens the fine lines on your face by relaxing your nerves called neurotransmitter peptides, and even specific ones that promote collagen growth called collagen peptides.

So where can you get these peptides? Well there are serums that are peptide-infused, and these serums can be absorbed by your skin quickly. However, the best way to use these peptide-infused serums is when you are targeting certain issues, like if you want to soften the appearance of lines around your eyes or around your lips. Applying them for the sake of applying them won’t be as effective, because these substances NEED something to repair or to work on.

There are also peptide-enriched cleansers that you can use on a daily basis when you wash your face. Look for any of the peptides mentioned above in the formula for the skincare products you are planning to purchase. Aside from topical products, you can also get them by adjusting your diet. Foods that are high in protein like fish, eggs, beans and oats are full of peptides that can help you in your quest to preserve your youthful skin.

It’s never too early to think about fighting the effects of aging. Whether you’re in your 20’s or in your 60’s,  having a good diet that promotes anti-aging, or a well thought out skincare routine is important in preserving your youth.